HOW DO I MAKE IT GLOW? All Glowpipes are made with our own BorowGlow™  glass - the ONLY glass that truly glows in the dark WITHOUT a light source such as a blacklight or UV light! The glow in the dark is activated by any light source, but it charges the fastest with a black light – it only takes a few seconds to charge up! Your piece will then glow in the dark for several minutes and up to ½ hour, depending on the piece, the charge, etc. The glow will slowly reduce as the charge is diminished, but a quick recharge will make it super bright again! LED lights, UV light and sunlight also work very well. The glow material never loses its ability to recharge – it will continue to glow for years to come!

DO YOU SHIP DISCRETELY?  Absolutely! Your pieces are carefully packaged and mailed in a USPS box with our PO Box as a return address. No logos or other indicator of what's inside. 

DO YOU SHIP INTERNATIONALLY? Yes...BUT make sure you check your country's import laws before making a purchase from us. If our products are illegal to import to your country, they may not get to you. Once the shipments leave our hands, it is literally "out of our hands"...we are not responsible for items held up or confiscated in customs, etc. 

WHAT IF I DIDN'T RECEIVE MY PIECE??  We are not responsible for packages that have tracked as DELIVERED but the buyer has not received. If tracking shows it was delivered yet you did not receive it, you will need to take it up with your local Post Office  - perhaps they delivered it to the wrong mailbox, or you may need to file a mail theft claim. Unfortunately, this is not something we have control over and we will not issue a refund for such events. If you need to initiate a Stolen Mail report with USPS Postal Inspector’s office, I will cooperate in getting you all the required information from my end of the transaction. You will need to complete a USPS affidavit affirming the status of the package as “stolen” (and a USPS Postal Inspector may contact you). In addition, you may also be asked to complete an insurance affidavit. You might also want to file a Stolen Mail report with your local police so that there is a record of mail theft in your area.